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Your peace post PANDEMIC!? Get your peace builder! 

Pick up a copy today for you, or someone you know!

God's grace is sufficient! Order and see!

Give a copy to someone, or get your own!

Rosalind W. Shaw:




Motivational Speaker

Life /Goals Coach

Book Author Rosalind for your next Empowerment Function:


[email protected]

Embracing His Peace Devotional order here

(2nd in the series)

Embracing His Grace order here

A portion of the proceeds from these inspirational productions helps us fund our programs.

  • Join us for sessions on Zoom, Thursdays @ 6 p.m.

Please call 205-267-6977 for more information, and to sign up!

We absolutely need God's Mercy!

order yours here



We are conducting orientation both on site, and virtually. Please call the office at 205-267-6977, if you wish to volunteer or are a new client. Thanks for your continued loyalty to our mission to empower girls!


Feel free to contact Seasons with questions or concerns at 205-267-6977.



The boutique will re-open at the regulations of our city government, but will be by appointment ONLY. Thank you for your patience, and thanks to all of our boutique donors and volunteers!

Contact us if you wish to donate clothing and/or small household items.

‚ÄčIt's Here!!

               BACK ON TRACK

If you or anyone you know need help finding your passion, purpose, or destiny. If you just simply feel that you have gotten off your chosen path, contact us for ways to view our "Back In Season" sessions packed full of resources and information on how you can get back in season.  

Due to COVID-19, our FREE sessions are available to pre-registered participants only. Contact us today!

If you desire to be on our electronic mailing list. Please contact us via the web or call our office at (205) 267-6977

Thanks for your continued support of our passion to empower!!

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Birmingham, AL. 35201

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