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Ladies Mentoring & Development, Birmingham, AL

Self Help Seminars

Seasons Ministries is honored to share our inspirational and life-changing resources at your next Women's Day, teens' summit, or other social event benefiting women. We have a team of dynamic speakers who travel locally and nationally spreading the GREAT news of better seasons ahead.

Mentorships & Tutoring

Our ladies' helps ministry provides one to one as well as group mentorships for ages 8 and above. We offer life skills classes including FDIC Money-Smart, College-Career Readiness, Entrepreneurial 101, Health Smart, and various self-help workshops. 

Our passionate partner, Learning Little People, LLC, provides Reading and Mathematics enrichment resources for students in Pre-K through 12th grade.

Community Service

Join our team of community volunteers. We believe it is our duty to give of our time and our hearts. Our project specialists will motivate you and remind you to never stop "reaching back to offer a hand up". EVERY season is conducive for growth, and our joint efforts and efficiency will continue to build stronger communities!

Seasons Ministries, Inc., can provide you with valid community service hours. Call us today and let's get started (205) 267-6977.